Here are a few events coming up this week, that I am looking forward to:

World Photography Day, 19th August: The Photography Club is celebrating the World Photography Day by putting up an exhibition, showcasing the recent work of some of the Club’s members. Also, a documentary video will be shown, based on the experiences of a war photographer. The major attraction of the day is the opening up of BITS & pixels, a photography competition unlike anything ever before.

Astronomy Club Interactions and Quiz: The Astronomy Club will be hosting it’s interactions in it’s search for new, dedicated members, to carry on it’s work. The interactions will be held on the 21st of August, Thursday. Also, Astro Club’s yearly quiz, the AstroNut 2k8 has been scheduled for the 23rd of this month. Keep checking the Astro Club Blog for further details about both these events.

On a different note, here’s something for you guys to ponder over… This is a puzzle that I am putting for all the ACAD readers. What is this image exactly and what did I have to do to get to this stage? The first person to answer the entire question correctly shall get an ANC treat from me!

EDIT: The deadline is 2359 hrs, 20th August!

Do you expect a clue here?

Hint: I use Psi as my Jabber client.