On farewells

It is that time of the year again, when I realise that change is inevitable, for the n-th time. I love meeting new people, especially people who work hard to live a life, not just survive. Over the past few years, luck has favoured me by putting me in the right places. The adage of a door opening for every closed door rings true though. The flip side of meeting new people has meant a steady stream of goodbyes to many people I have shared cherished moments with.

Git 101 – A collection

Recently, I was helping some friends understand git. Instead of making my own set of slides, I searched online, as there are quite a few good posts already available online. My narrowed down list of links is:

P for Projects. Err, Procrastination

Summer is already here, it is time to gloss over the fact that almost half of 2014 has already passed by. For the past six months, this blog has once again fallen into neglect, with the occasional ‘note to self’ posts popping up once in a while. If you know me, you’ve most probably guessed the reason behind this apathy already. I am a lazy bum, and 2014 has been a pretty lazy year so far:

Links – March and April 2014

March and April have again been low online activity months, with Barcamp Bangalore grabbing some share of my free time, along with George Orwell’s 1984 and Randy Pausch’s The Last Lecture.

To tweet or not to tweet

Twitter has changed. A lot. There used to be a time when I looked forward to some spare time just to scroll through my timeline, to find interesting topics to discuss, and amazing people to discuss it with. Today, it has become a dumping ground for dubious ‘competitions’, showing off how your life is better than someone else’s and last but not the least, political battles I spent ages (and a lot of energy) regularly unfollowing people. I even created private lists to keep track of a very specific set of people. I cut down on a lot of noise on the TL. Inspite of this, I still need to trawl through everything to get interesting content and people.

Links – February 2014

February has been a low internet activity month. I’ve been reading City of Djinns and Immortals of Meluha, so my time spent in reading online stuff has been limited.

Links – January 2014

This has been a slightly slow reading month for me, as I’ve been reading a couple of dead tree books and travelling. But, there were still a few noteworthy articles for this month:

Links – December 2013

The December edition of things I’ve been reading is ready to serve, hot off the presses. This month (and the next) contain a lot of links from different Advent blogs, because they just have some amazing and at times, thought provoking content.

The Fellowship Diaries – Episode 4

If you have been following the posts from the Fellowship Diaries, you would remember the primary purpose for this entire circus was to learn. With about 2 weeks remaining for the fellowship to end, it makes sense to take stock of the things I have learnt in the past few months.