Today, we’ll have a look at some commands that will report your system’s vital statistics. First and foremost, we’ll see how long has your computer been on. Here’s a sample from my system:

Another tool to find out the time when the system was last booted is:

The command who shows a list of people already logged in to your Linux/Unix system and what terminal are they logged in from.

One very useful utility, which is infact a command line system monitor, is top. Use ‘?’ to see the keyboard shortcuts, and ‘q’ to quit. To know your RAM’s usage, you can also use the following command, instead of opening top to search for that.

The -m switch shows all the usage values in Megabytes, instead of the default Kilobytes. To check your hard disk for free space:

I already have given you a shell script to check your computer’s temperature, as reported by the mother board’s sensor in this post. Hope I get answers from ACAD readers for the challenge of the previous post. Catch the answer in tomorrow’s post of ACAD! :smile: