Hey everyone, this blog gets a break for this week, thanks to exams… :unamused:. Meanwhile, here are some things that I have been up to in the last few days…

Clicking and processing more snaps - Check my recent uploads of the SPIC MACAY concerts here. Do keep checking it as I’ll be uploading some on Friday and Saturday as well.

I found these tutorials on the net - The .htaccess Guide. Real useful.
I have also been blog hunting, and these blogs have been added to my feed reader: Rachit’s Blog, Amey, Gallery Feed and VU3RDD Station Log.

And yeah, a nice chat with Kevin Smith (Project Maintainer) of Psi cleared any airs about me trying to compile libjingle support in Psi. It hasn’t been successfully attempted by anybody in the last couple of years, and no other client has been able to integrate libjingle very well. Bad news for all us Linux users… :unamused:

Till Sunday, adios! :smile: