A look at things that happened over the last week:

  1. A treat to remember :  Celebrations for the launch of the Online Notice Board ( http://ignition/onboard ), a notice board for BITSians, by a BITSian.  One of the best treats I have been to in recent times.  The most interesting part of it all was when Rungtaji (Ajay Rungta) introduced everyone present to the rest.  Those present will not forget ‘seniors/juniors’ on paper.
  2. Deadline of Google Summer of Code Appilcation :  One of my leaps into the unkown! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:  For the first time in my life, I was speaking to unknown, but highly eminent coders (WordPress devs) on IRC, bugging and troubling them, asking for help.  I also got to make a few friends in the post application period, when I spent some time idling on the ##gsoc-india channel.  The entire experience of GSoC has been highly exhilerating.  Do check out the stats for this time’s GSoC applications at the Google Open Source Blog.  Whether I get selected or not, I have surely learnt a lot from the whole experience.  Hope to continue work on the proposal even if selection does not happen.
  3. To kick-off the work on WordPress, I have been reading up the Codex, understanding the way this blog works.  It is quite interesting, and a very steep learning curve.  I am also trying to follow bugs on the bug tracker, Trac, but most things are OHT!  Hope to be able to understand more of it soon! :smile:
  4. Lawrence Kutner, House MD, is no more!  It was one of the best episodes from the series.  Sadly, Wikipedia spoiled the suspense, while I was reading the page on Kal Penn. :unamused:
  5. There has been a spate of holidays recently.  It’s the calm before the storm of the remaining Test 2s and the Comprehensive Exams in May.
  6. It’s been raining in Pilani.  Very wierd weather, given the fact that it is April, and that we live in a desert.  We should be expecting soaring temperatures, when we are enjoying a pleasent breeze.
  7. BITS Pilani, Goa Campus had the ‘Maggi Revolution’.  Details can be revealed on chat only.  Buzz me or any BITSian for more information! :smile:
  8. Eagerly waiting for Ubuntu Jaunty Jackalope.  Got an alternate beta iso of Ubuntu.  It’s asked me whether I wanted to get the latest packages from the net, while upgrading to Jaunty, and the current download status shows about 5 days remaning, with speeds close to 1 kbps!  The great BITSian net never lets us down… :wink:

Waiting with bated breath for the GSoC results (20th April).  Trying to study hard for the 3 remaining tests, before compres begin.  Wish me luck! :smile: