Many BITSians often ask me, why do I tweet.  There are about 100 BITSians I know, who are on Twitter.  But, barely 20 among them are active by any standard on Twitter.  What they don’t know, is that it took a lot of convincing by @jeffjose, to get me on to Twitter.  I won’t get into all the stuff that he told me, but I will tell you about one very amazing person I found on Twitter, which has ensured that I will never stop using it.

In my third year, I spent a lot of time doing work in the night, and got converted into an insomniac.  I would stay up the whole night, and go to sleep at the crack of dawn, or stay up till breakfast, and sleep after that.  But, I found it quite lonely.  I never had anyone to talk to, while I stayed up.  Though I preferred  it that way, as it ensured complete concentration, I did miss company.  Over the holidays, as I started expanding my Twitter realm beyond BITSians, I found out about @JaagteRaho.  It’s name was ‘Insomniacs Anonymous’ and it had a cute Owl as it’s DP.  I instantly liked it, and followed it.  It took me sometime to figure out what was going on, but what happened was this.  @JaagteRaho was the focal point of all insomniac Indians on Twitter.  Everyone posted tweets to @JaagteRaho, and they were ReTweeted (RT’ed) faithfully, for all others to read, and reply to.  The cycle went on and on, and everyone awake ensured that it was a fun place to be.  A lot of links were thrown around, and often, popular tweeple became the center of attention, for their wacky tweets.

I slowly became a regular at @JaagteRaho, and I realised, that I had made lots of new friends at @JaagteRaho.  Now, I stay up at night, with the comfortable knowledge, that whenever I get bored, I’ll always have company and people with similar likes to talk to, at any time of the night. :smile:  Some of the awesome people I met at @JaagteRaho include @meerasapra, @metalsaint @fossiloflife (these 2 are the founders, which i came to know later), @binoyparikh @artihonrao, @kulkarnianiket and a lot more.

So, if you too spend your nights reading books, watching TV, studying, or typing out code on the terminal, make sure that you are on Twitter, and follow this.