People who have been reading this blog for sometime, will know that I am a huge fan of the command line. I love to find new ways to do things from the command line, without leaving the comfort of my keyboard and dragging my hand all the way to the mouse. Recently, I found a site that let’s me do learn brilliant tricks:

This is a community driven site, where users submit various commands everyday, to do all sorts of tricks and jobs under the sun. Commands get votes from fellow users, and often, better versions are posted. This makes Commandline Fu one of the must visit sites for geeks. Commands are tagged, and hence searchable. The site also has an API and a simple javascript widget, making it ideal for embedding a command in blog posts. Commandline Fu also provides Twitter and RSS feeds for commands posted to the site, and discerning users can subscribe to commands which have more than 3 or 10 votes. Do visit and join this site! :smile: