The winds of open source computing are now blowing towards Birla Institute of Technology and Science, Pilani with an Unconference being organized by the Computer Science Association (CSA). The 5-day fiesta of BITS-Pilani’s international annual technical festival APOGEE to be held this year from 10th- 14th of March sees the confluence of thoughts and ideas amongst more than 5,000 young minds from not only India but also the world’s top notch universities and the OSScamp is being held as a part of this fest. For those who do not know, OSScamp is a thriving, young and vibrant community of open source enthusiasts in India. The community revolves around ‘Unconference’ that are also called as camps. At a Camp, we will be

  • celebrating a platform for discussing and promoting FOSS,
  • discuss tools, technologies and FOSS projects,
  • play games, boast and show off,
  • raise a din, make a helluva noise,
  • and what not!

With Software installation fests, gaming parlour and various presentations and talks, OSScamp at BITS-Pilani promises to be an enriching experience. The Unconference will go on from 12th to 14th March, along with TEDx Pilani. Apart from this, the exhibition of open source projects and video presentations and chart displays of open source and proprietary software will be greatly interesting to visit in the FOSS Den. You need not be geeky, nerdy or a computer-addict to be a participant of this event. Anyone can participate! It is learn while you have fun.

Support Required: The organizers need help in the organization of this OSScamp in the following ways:

  • Participation at the event
  • promote the event by spreading the word about the event - tweet, blog  posts, and social networks - use the hash tag #osscamp
  • suggest/connect with Foss projects so that they can set up displays at the  FOSS Den (expo) and promote themselves
  • contribute Linux installation media and goodies for the event

You can also take up a session and deliver a talk on any open source technology that you are well versed with. It can be any open source application or programming aspects or any other thing.

The schedule is as follows: The Unconference is scheduled from March 12-14, along with TEDx Pilani.

March 12:

  • 08pm - 10pm: Social Sandbox: Open Source, Unconferences, India
  • 10pm - 12am: Sessions and Talks (4 Slots Available)
  • 12am - 02am: FOSS Hackathon

March 13:

  • Daytime: TEDx Pilani
  • 04pm - 06pm: Install Fest
  • 08pm - 10pm: Sessions & Talks (4 Slots Available)
  • 10pm - 12am: Games Fest
  • 12am - 02am: Social Sandbox: Using FOSS

March 14:

  • 11am - 01pm: FOSS Projects Demonstrations

Besides this, a special FOSS Den will be open during the daytime for people to visit and learn more about FOSS. The FOSS Den will be an open exhibition hall for FOSS Projects. There will be video presentations on comparisons between open source and proprietary software and chart displays in the room. Volunteers will be there to present these to the visitors.

If you are interested in picking up any of the above activities, or want to take up a session, please register at with your contact details (Name, Phone no. And e-mail id) along with the topic that you would want to present on. For further details contact:

Aastha Mehta +91 purged

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So come, be a part of the OSScamp experience. See you at the den. :smile:

“May the source be with you”