Tasks completed in Week 7:

  • Converted the Insert page to Ajax.
  • Converted the Table Search page to Ajax.
  • Removed all remaining inline calls to confirmLink() and confirmAction() and modified the code so that jQueryUI’s dialogs are used.
  • Fixed issues reported on the mailing list:
    • The Ajax notification shown on the top of the page lingered at times, partly visible when it should have completely hidden.  Fixed it.
    • An empty notice division was generated whenever an SQL query was being retrieved over Ajax.  That div is no longer visible.

Tasks for Week 8:

  • Add newly created users and tables to their forms when on privileges and database pages respectively.
  • Begin modifications of inline editing of data retrieved from a table.  Create the necessary classes for inline editing and write jQuery scripts that will replace the HTML content with appropriate forms/input fields.  The PHP handling of the submissions will be covered in the next week.
  • Continue fixing the bugs reported on the developers mailing list.