And, it’s finally over! :open_mouth:  My round up of the Google Summer of Code experience will have to wait a little, as I want to spend time compiling the exact changes I made, as against the ones I set out to do at the beginning.  However, here’s my slightly delayed weekly report for the last week of GSoC.

  • Completed the documentation for the PHP files that I changed.  Added PHPDoc compatible comments for the newly added variables and functions.  Also added comments for the newly added/suppressed output for an Ajax request.  A quick grep for the variable $GLOBALS[‘is_ajax_request’] will point you to most of the files that have been changed over the summer.
  • Added documentation to the JavaScript files that I modified and created.  Most of the logic flow was already part of the comments, but the comments about the functions and variables were not JSDoc-Toolkit compatible.  Though I am having issues with getting JSDoc-Toolkit to capture the documentation in the jQuery namespace, in my recent experiments, I could get it to parse the variables and anonymous functions in two JS files.
  • Fixed a few minor bugs and typos that I noticed during the documentation.

I did not take out time to write the Wiki pages as I had planned for the last week.  After reading the discussion between Martynas and others on the mailing list, I’m considering putting some of the documentation in the Documentation.html page, and the detailed information on the Wiki, in the Devel category.