Dance Club, BITS Pilani has always amazed me. I recently came across two videos on YouTube. Both are performances on songs that are extremely tough to choreograph. The first video is a slightly old one, from 2004. Though the choreography is not up to the mark, some parts of the dance take my breath away. The other performance is from 2007, and I was lucky to have seen it live. It’s a medley of two songs by The Corrs, Toss the Feathers (their most popular song), and a lesser known song, Joy of Life (from the Live in Dublin album).  It is one of the best performances I have seen by DC.

Hope you enjoy it as much as I did.

P.S.:  Apogee 2k9 saw Music Club perform Toss the Feathers live on stage, and it was a hell of a performance.  However, I couldn’t find a video online. :unamused: