I have been running an instance of ThinkUp on this web server for quite a few months. It has been silently chipping away at the mountain of tweets I have posted for the last few years. ThinkUp reached version 1.0 a few days ago, which means that it has completed a basic set of features. It is also now officially out of beta, and hence is stable. They have also done a lot of work on the user interface and have started including elements of the next re-design in this version.

After upgrading to 1.0, I decided to make the instance’s Twitter account publicly visible. You can now browse through my tweets, favourites and also read conversations that I have with other tweeps, without actually logging on to Twitter. Visit the instance at http://ninad.pundaliks.in/thinkup/. If you love the app, give a shout out to the people behind ThinkUp on IRC or Twitter or Facebook. If you find something wrong, ping their mailing list, they’ll fix it :).