Content for the session on Observational Astronomy 101 at Barcamp Bangalore 11 can be downloaded from here. Almost all the photos are from NASA’s amazing Astronomy Picture of the Day archive. Some are from Wikipedia. Check the credits.txt file for details.

In the next few days, the Stellarium scripts used will be uploaded to a github repository. I still haven’t organized the code, there is quite a bit of copy/pasted code. Once I’ve modularized it a little more, I’ll push it to the repo. Go ahead and fork it once I do that. For instructions on how to use the Stellarium scripts, check their wiki page on Scripting.

As for the crowd sourcing projects that I was talking about, check Zooniverse, Moon Zoo, Galaxy Zoo and other projects.

Those who are interested in attending Night Sky watching sessions in and around Bangalore, please check the home page and mailing list of the Bangalore Astronomical Society. They also tweet at @b_a_s.

For any more details, please leave a comment. I tend to forget stuff, so it’s your job to remind me ;).