Twitter trends have now become the de-facto place for brands to spam everyone’s timelines. But, every once in a while, a hashtag comes along and reminds you of the fun times. It may not trend, but it brightens up your TL. A few days before Barcamp Bangalore 2013 Monsoon Edition, and a couple of days after the announcement of Barcamp Mumbai 12, people tweeted a slew of #PotentialBarcampTalks. Noting down the ones I noticed:

Seriously interested:

Fun stuff:

  • How to stay awake for 3 days - @Quiz_Master
  • Twitter’s most eligible bachelor - @srini091
  • Confidence graph while proposing a girl - @epandu and @ceetee
  • How to promise and never give a session at Barcamps - @daaku - @Sengupta is also credited with a similar idea
  • How to not prepare for a Barcamp session - me

So, will I get to see any of these sessions at Barcamp Bangalore on 14th September?