The track opens with crystal clear, alternating notes of a guitar. To the trained ear, it feels like the home run. The newbie will notice the calm dexterity of the guitar player, but not realise that it is the precursor of a storm. The bass guitar creeps in, and the solid, gentle vocals start laying the foundation of the track.

The words seem to be from a language lost to the rapid, ruthless pace of human history. But, they seem to speak of something worthy. The backing vocals chime in, and the track slowly starts to grow on you. The words still don’t seem to make any sense. And then, the beats begin.

The beats remind you of the most natural, rustic roots of our society. Seemingly simple, yet complex to play. And then, the drums and cymbals join in. The song truly comes into being and we lose ourselves in this overpowering work of art.

The staccato beats of the tabla, the unerring perfection of the drum beats, lyrics that praise the almighty, the smooth rise and fall of the notes on the guitar and vocals with the power to make anyone pensive have come together to make Kandisa.