The next Barcamp Bangalore is still some time away. And, I am constantly on the look out for some interesting topics, both to learn and talk about. Previous experience has shown that if I do not note them down somewhere, I will most probably forget the topics. So, here goes:

  • How to Become a Better Tester: Inspired by the BCB13 session on How to Become a Better Programmer. Drawing on personal experiences from the past two years of being a tester at an enterprise software company, I would like to point out things that worked, and things that did not. After setting the context, I look forward to an interesting discussion and stories from the audience. Hopefully, at the end of the session, we will have a few things to think about and take back to work.
  • Taking the leap from PHP to nodejs: PHP is popular because it is among the easier languages to start server side web development with. But, event driven server side development isn’t one of them. It also hides a lot of important things behind the black box that is the Apache web server in the LAMP stack. One of the new kids on the block, nodejs, is pretty good at event driven stuff. But, jumping the ship requires a change in the thinking process. After my experiments with the BCB Twitter and Updates wall, I learnt a few things. I hope to share them, and learn from other nodejs developers from the audience.
  • Why is enterprise software so complex?: I have a strong feeling that this could turn out to be a one sided lecture, if I don’t handle this properly. However, I’ve often thought about this and have a few opinions. There have been attempts to simplify enterprise software. But, it still remains mind-numbingly complex. Given that BCB has a good number of neckbeards attending, we could have an interesting discussion on simplifying things.
  • Live Linux Distros: This is cool stuff. Live distros are magic! They let you move about, but still carry your computing environment with you. Let’s take a peek under the hood, and figure out how live distributions are built. Or, maybe, understand how a live image boots. Or, even make a live distro of our own!

If you’re a regular at Barcamp Bangalore, and find a topic interesting (2 are cool too, 3 are perfectly fine. But, all 4 would be pushing it :D), do let me know. I’ll pick one of these as my main session proposals for the next edition. If not, there’s always a BoF/impromptu session to slip in to the schedule.