Links – December 2013

By Ninad Pundalik

The December edition of things I’ve been reading is ready to serve, hot off the presses. This month (and the next) contain a lot of links from different Advent blogs, because they just have some amazing and at times, thought provoking content.

  • 10 Usability Heuristics – While discussing usability, software systems and configuration files, a friend passed along this neat link.
  • Learn Vim Progressively – Every few days, an amazing link lands up on my Twitter timeline. Unless you are a vim ninja, there will be some tip in this article that will teach you something new.
  • 24 Ways – Git tips for giddiness – I’ve always struggled a little with git. These articles explain major reasons why that may be so, and show the light, by suggesting a few steps floundering underlings like me can take.
  • Sys Advent – Managing Windows with PowerShell – I’ve tinkered around with PowerShell at work recently, and I liked what I saw. It turns out that Microsoft has put in a lot of effort and added more features to it. More power to them!
  • Sys Advent – Yum and repository tools by example – Finally, I found an article that gives me analogies from the dpkg/.deb universe to the rpm universe. A good introduction to package management, if you haven’t seen this side of an OS before.
  • SysAdvent – Sorry, Python, but I just stole virtualenv from you – I especially loved this for the delivery of the content, which makes complete sense if you live and breathe Python.
  • @tef’s short list of interesting theses