Twitter has changed. A lot. There used to be a time when I looked forward to some spare time just to scroll through my timeline, to find interesting topics to discuss, and amazing people to discuss it with. Today, it has become a dumping ground for dubious ‘competitions’, showing off how your life is better than someone else’s and last but not the least, political battles I spent ages (and a lot of energy) regularly unfollowing people. I even created private lists to keep track of a very specific set of people. I cut down on a lot of noise on the TL. Inspite of this, I still need to trawl through everything to get interesting content and people.

When I looked back, I noticed that I had not made new friends in the recent past through Twitter. I did meet some tweeps I had not met before, but I would have met them anyway thanks to the older Twitter geek groups I have been a part of. The usual gang has also relaxed and tweet a lot less. For some, priorities in life have changed. For some, Twitter is no longer the walled garden it used to be. Although the noise hasn’t gone up the way it did for Facebook, the signal seems to have weakened. Is there any point in continuing with this?

I took a break for the past few weeks, and I have not notice a major difference in my daily routine.

Imma gonna end my rant, and ask you to help me make this decision. I’ll be around on Twitter for a few days before I take any decision. Ping me on Twitter at @ni_nad, and convince me to stay.

Update: I have decided to stay around on Twitter for some more time. I will cut down on the number of people I am following, especially people/accounts I haven’t interacted with for quite some time.