Summer is already here, it is time to gloss over the fact that almost half of 2014 has already passed by. For the past six months, this blog has once again fallen into neglect, with the occasional ‘note to self’ posts popping up once in a while. If you know me, you’ve most probably guessed the reason behind this apathy already. I am a lazy bum, and 2014 has been a pretty lazy year so far:

  • I bought a RaspberryPi when I was in Germany. I haven’t yet set it up, and all the castles built in the air by my brain to convince my wallet, have come crashing down. Multiple things like lack of a house, then lack of a wired internet connection, lack of  a case and then lack of a dedicated USB power supply are part of the reason behind the delay. And, most importantly, my laziness in just getting things done.
  • One of the main use cases for the RPi had been moving my ThinkUp installation from the AWS box to the RPi. Since it hasn’t been set up yet, I’ve not even started to think about how to proceed with this. Other than the expenses in running an AWS box solely for ThinkUp and WordPress, I have also been mulling over the security and privacy issues of keeping a 4-5 year old Twitter archive easily accessible. Soon, though, I’ll take it offline.
  • Last year, I found a pretty neat book, which I used to revise my C skills - Learn C the Hard Way. I progressed till lesson 6 or 7, and then it just moved to the back burner.
  • In January, blog to post about 30 day projects she would undertake in 2014. I wanted to participate, and learn some calligraphy.
  • The BCB Twitter Streaming/Wall codebase needs some love, and I haven’t made any changes there.
  • Last, but not the least, I hoped to work on the JS hack I presented in Barcamp Bangalore Monsoon 2013, and see if I could make it into something usable.

Thankfully, all has not been dark and bleary. I have managed to complete a few things:

  • After returning from Germany, I found a new place to move in to, and made the place a little more live-able. It is no longer a store room with cartons, books and shoes lying around. And, it has an amazing balcony with a pretty cool breeze :smile:
  • Barcamp Bangalore 2014 happened, and I would rate it among the smoothest BCB’s I’ve volunteered for. Also, I was pretty happy with the variety of topics this time round. BCB no longer looks like a geek only day long mashup.
  • Although I haven’t started the calligraphy 30 day project, I however did complete a photography 30 day project. You can check it out here. I learnt a little more about my camera and worked on finding subjects in every day life.
  • I’ve been studying again, and I participated in the Suite on HANA will benefit the different functional processes. It gave me some background on all the work I’ve been doing for the past 2-3 years in the company.
  • And, I’ve been catching up on a lot of reading. The ‘to-read’ stack of books had become ominously tall. I am pretty sure that it would’ve reached into the ‘never to read’ part of my life soon. But, post BCB, weekends have been slightly free and I’ve spent that time reducing the height of this stack. It’s a different matter though, that I just received a recommendation list of about 50 books from quite a few friends.