Except for the post about my recent VPN project, this blog’s been up without any new posts ever since my thoughts on farewells, about 7 years ago!. I never intended to say farewell to this blog, but it seems like Life had Other Plans. I worked on a team with 24/7 support, changed cities and jobs, a bunch of personal things happened, and I lost my habit of regularly writing about stuff I am intereted in. Or, maybe, all my writing quota was taken up by working in teams across multiple timezones, and I was no longer left with any mental bandwidth to write any more notes. But, this post isn’t about excuses or a litany of things that have happened since then.

I am not a big fan of routines, but I’ve learnt the importance and value of a routine over the past few years. And, habits are the building block of a good routine. To force myself to start writing about things outside of work again, I started an experiment earlier this year, and joined the newsletter bandwagon. I started writing about various interesting artists I watch on YouTube (again) with YouTube Find of the Day. As with anything new, I was much more regular for the first few issues, and have had to scramble at the last minute to put together the newsletter at times in the past couple of months. Inspite of all this, I am now listening to new music and actively looking for new content regularly now, as well as writing about it every month. In my mind, I think I’ve achieved the goal I set out towards earlier this year in March. And, all this is despite an ever increasing writing workload at office :D.

I intend to keep the newsletter going on a monthly basis, and use the habit of writing once every fortnight, to start putting more stuff together for this blog, as well as other avenues that interest me. Wish me luck, and more importantly, keep nagging me to keep writing regularly!