Disclaimer: This is a diary posting. Anyone not interested may please stop reading.

October 5 - 12, 2008.

It’s been another hectic week in my BITSian life. The week began with the ‘World Space Week’ celebrations by the Astronomy Club, BITS Pilani. The events in the Week were lectures by Prof. Kaushar Vaidya (Physics Group), Kshitij Garg (a Club member) and Prof. Jayant Murthy (Indian Institute of Astrophysics). The week also included Night Sky Watching Sessions held atop the FD-III Terrace, in the Astro Room, for the BITSian Faculty, Students, and an exclusive session for the students studying at the schools of the NSS (Pilani Chapter) and Nirmaan. It was great fun to see the Moon, Jupiter, Andromeda Galaxy, Vega, the Eta Lyra binary stars, and the Pleaides star cluster through the Club’s telescopes.

Photography Club now begins it’s preparations for Oasis. My group of Night Photography, the Shutterbugs, has come up with some brilliant snaps on Multiple Exposure, Painting with Light, Astrophotography and Long Exposures. The entire credit for these snaps goes to them. Watch out for the Shutterbugs and the Dark Shooters during the Oasis Exhibition by the Photography Club. :smile:

#begin rant
Do I need to say anything about this??? The never ending wave of test series had just ebbed, because Test-1 got over, and we had a series of Surprise Quizzes. The next week brings along with it a glimmer of Test-2, right when we should be working flat out to prepare for Oasis.
#end rant

And yeah, my Dad celebrated his 45th Birthday this week… Happy Birthday Dad! :smile:

My crap ends here. Thank you for bearing with it. The ACAD post with the shell script will be up by Wednesday. Things have been keeping me really busy this week, so it’s been on the back burner for the entire time.