Here are a few sites that I have been reading recently:

  • MD-5 Decryptor!: This is an attempt at creating a database of MD-5 hashes. Now, people will have apprehensions, but I guess it’s useful for Network Admins who can check out the weak passwords of users. The list of popular searches is interesting.
  • Stellarium 0.10: Stellarium, a brilliant Open Source Virtual Planeterium just released it’s newest version, 0.10. Sadly, I have been fighting dependency hell in an attempt to compile and install it.
  • This and this, due to a sudden spike of interest in Cryptography. I also owe this sudden interest to the TV series Numb3rs.
  • Finally, gOS 3.0 Gadgets is available here. I’ll get a review on this as soon as I get my hands on an ISO image. Have been eagerly waiting for this.
  • Amarok 2 Beta 2 has been included in the Kubuntu Repositories. :smile:
  • NASA This is an attempt by the Internet Archive to put together NASA’s freely available images into a single archive. A good effort.