The hooter has started ringing again every hour. The class rooms are now filled with benches. The beds were taken away a long time back. The black boards are filled up with equations and diagrams, as against the drawings and funds by club and department members. BITSians have started attending lectures and tutorials again, in the hope of garnering the last few marks before the compres. Sky is now filled with school children visiting the museum again. The C and M lawns are now once again their bare self. The Audi doors are closed for the entire day. The FD-II QT is no longer the center of activity for Informalz, HAS and Jhankar. People have returned to SAC, Cnot and ANC to feed their hunger in the night. The Art n Dee structure is no longer the host for DoPy clickers and outsti’s. The Photog exhibition is over. I have returned to my hostel room to live in it. It’s been only a week since Oasis got over… And I miss it.