Cross-posted at the BITS-APOGEE blog:

One room. 300 photographs. Each photograph tells you a new story. Each picture teaches you a different technique of photography. Observe the intricacies of Composition, get fascinated by the magic of Lights, or loose yourself in the wide world of Expressions. All this, and much more on exhibit at the Photography Club’s Exhibition, Panorama,throughout APOGEE.

DSLR’s, Computers, and Processing softwares have revolutionised the world of photography. Just add a border, highlight a colour, or play with the filters in the latest version of Adobe Photoshop, and watch the metamorphosis of an image. APOGEE 2009 presents Layers, an online competition, to test your editing skills and creativity. Download, process and upload the snap back to the site. Make the most aesthetically pleasing changes, and walk away with the top honours!

One-Third Rule, Diagonals and The Golden Spiral. Just some of the thumbrules that photographers use in their quest to create the most awesome picture. Figure out the rules used, and UnMask the problem photograph. Then go ahead and click snaps, depicting the rules used. Who knows, you might just win UnMask.

All this, and much more, at APOGEE 2009, BITS, Pilani.