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Twinkle Twinkle Little Star, How I wonder what you are

The heavens fascinate one and all, age no bar. Rotating above us, the Sun, Moon and the Stars and Planets perform a cosmic dance, that has enthralled generations of humanity.

APOGEE 2009 presents a chance to get closer to the stars. The Astronomy Workshop, introduces the novice to the world of Astronomy, and launches him into uncharted territory.

The workshop consists of lectures by eminent persons, covering different aspects of Astronomy such as, Telescopes and their Optics, Image Processing in Astronomy, Backyard Astronomy and the Environment, and many such topics. In the evenings, the Astronomy Club organizes Night Sky Watching Sessions, where people get to see different Astronomical Objects through the Club’s two extremely powerful telescopes. On the concluding day, everyone gets to put their brains to the grind, and participate in AstroNut, the quiz. Lucky finalists compete in the Messier Marathon, and handle the club’s telescope, in an attempt to win the AstroNut.

Participants also receive a CD full of interesting information as well as beautiful pictures of the cosmos, along with a set of goodies. Stay tuned for more information about the Astronomy Workshop.