Amarok 2.1.1 Oceania was released a few days ago.  Slowly, ever since Amarok 2 has been released, the quality and features of Amarok 2 are improving.

Though, the playlist is still not as intuitive and easy to manipulate and search as the Amarok 1.4 series, things are improving.  I was really happy to see that we could now change the default look of the playlist, and add more fields as we needed.  However, the search capability is still lacking.  The Google-esque searchability of Amarok’s playlist is the feature that converted me.

I had Amarok 2 installed on my Kubuntu for quite a few days, but the thing that sent me back to good old Amarok 1.4 was the fact that Amarok 2 was screwing up all the metadata for all my tracks.  It jumbled up the track titles and album names, and it became really difficult to search the right song.

I do hope they fix these issues and get Amarok back to it’s rightful place on everyone’s systems.