How to install Amarok 1.4 on Jaunty

By Ninad Pundalik

This is for all those Amarok 1.4 fans out there, who miss it, and are stuck with Amarok 2.x in (K)Ubuntu Jaunty.  A few days ago, I was reading a discussion on Reddit, about the general frustration of users with Amarok 2.x, and I came across this jewel.

A noble soul has taken the efforts to package the Amarok 1.4 sources for Jaunty, and put them up at his Launchpad PPA Archives.   The instructions to add a PPA can be found very easily on Launchpad, but here they are, just for your reference:

  • Add the repository to your sources list.  You can do this by two methods:

  • Add the following line to your apt sources list from a text editor:
  • OR, Add each of the above lines individually to the ‘Third Party Software’ in System > Administration > Software Sources, or Settings > Repositories in Synaptic

  • Add the GPG key used to sign the package to your apt. sudo apt-key adv --keyserver --recv-keys AE74AE63
  • Update your package list, and install the amarok14 package.  It’ll automatically uninstall any amarok2.* packages installed on your system.