Due to some issues at my hosting service, this blog post is appearing almost 2 weeks late.  I am extremely sorry for the trouble caused.

Tasks for Week 3 and their status:

  • Refactor JavaScript functions:  Except for 4-5 calls to confirmLink(), and confirmAction() and checkSqlQuery(), all other functions listed on the wiki page have been re-factored with jQuery.  The corresponding inline calls to those functions have been removed and jQuery scripts written to handle the features.
  • Handle submission of the “Add a User” form:  Work in progress.  Testing the changes made, will be completed soon.
  • Write a PHP function that standardizes response for an Ajax request: Pending.
  • Style the Ajax notifications div: Pending.
  • Ajaxified Drop Table and Truncate Table actions on db_structure.php.

Tasks for Week 4:

Deliverable 4: Convert the Server Privileges page (server_privileges.php) to Ajax.  This includes the following work

  • Add a new user
  • Revoke a user
  • Edit privileges
  • Export privileges
  • Paginate table of users
  • Flush Privileges