Due to some issues at my hosting service, this blog post is appearing almost a week late. I am extremely sorry for the trouble caused.

Tasks done in Week 4:

  • Improved the PMA_ajaxShowMessage() function.  Now, multiple messages won’t be shown at the same time.
  • Ajaxified Rename Database, Copy Database and Change Database Charset actions on db_operations.php
  • Ajaxified Flush Privileges, Revoke User, Export Privileges actions.
  • Wrote a PHP wrapper function for generating JSON responses in an Ajax request.
  • Ajaxified Drop Column, Add Primary Key actions on tbl_structure.php.
  • Asked the phpMyAdmin developers mailing list to provide testing feedback on changes made till now.

Tasks for Week 5:

  • Modify all SQL pages where the user enters an SQL query and retrieve the result via Ajax.
  • Fix issues reported while testing by the developer mailing list.