Signs that you are travelling in a brand new Volvo bus deployed by BMTC:

  • The seat covers are not soiled, are still shiny, and don’t smell. (Doh, Captain Obvious)
  • If you’re sitting on the last row of seats, your bum will feel the engine and gearbox’s relatively harsh vibrations. They’re still getting to know each other.
  • The shade of the light is tubelight white, not the pale yellow shade seen in most other buses.
  • The speaker cover/mesh has absolutely no dust on it.
  • The horn is irritatingly loud, and the driver is most probably honking his way to glory in the traffic.
  • The disc brakes have excessive bite, and you fall off even if the driver lightly touches the brake pedal.

P.S.: These new buses are also easily noticeable by their exterior paint. It’s a little different, and as a friend kindly pointed out, it is called vermilion.