Daylight Saving Time. Yet another fancy western term which had no impact on my life. Till a week ago.

Last Sunday, DST ended in Germany, and my laptop gave me a nice little notification a couple of days before that the clock would be reset. I HAD to find out how I could sleep an extra hour one day. What if I could convince the world that such things should happen more regularly, just to sleep that extra bit? :grin:

I spent time reading the Wikipedia article, and also lurked in Reddit’s Explain like I’m 5 subreddit. They all made some sense, but none of it could be converted into a mnemonic. All talked about how DST lets people have more daylight in the evenings during summer. But for me, it really didn’t matter either way. And, I cannot remember a rule that goes both ways. The only way a mnemonic will work for me is if it explains only one side, either DST activating or ending.

In the end, I had to cook up my own explanation: As winter begins, it gets harder to wake up. By shifting the clock one hour forward, I wake up at a time that is brighter and warmer. It is a little easier to wake up, and get out of bed.