Inspired by Sathya’s weekly notes posts, I’m restarting my link sharing posts again. I suspect that the next few posts will be a mixed bag in terms of topics and themes, and maybe in the future I’ll figure out how to nicely categorise them.

  • Technology Connections, one of my favourite YouTube channels, recently posted a video about how folks in the 1980s had figured out storing digital audio on video tapes. Fascinating as usual, I was particularly impressed by how interoperable and future proof technology used to be:
  • I’ve been enjoying videos from the YOW conference, and Why Static Typing Came Back by Richard Feldman was a nice walk down the memory lane.
  • Another great talk from the same conference, Writing for Nerds - Blogging for Fun and (Not Much) Profit prompted me to take writing up again.
  • The author of Caddy, the modern web server, wrote a detailed post about Let’s Encrypt, their well known client/tool certbot and the underlying ACME protocol and how it’s design was accidentally abused by a certificate authority to invoke remote code execution. As far as I understood, the RCE was never used maliciously, but the article is excellent for learning about the protocol.
  • I’m currently reading through this excellent explainer of how language models work by none other than Stephen Wolfram. I haven’t finished it, but I’m enjoyed the clarity and depth.