Reading has been limited this week, and will be in the next one too, because I’m on the support rotation at work. Nevertheless, I found a few nice things to read and watch this week!

  • My current Mastodon feed is very tech biased/focussed right now, and I do sometimes miss the variety of content I discovered in Twitter. But, the quality of content more than makes up for the loss in diversity. The first link is a great example in this category: CLI Tools hidden in the Python standard library. Many of us know about python -m http.server option to serve the current directory over a web server in an ad-hoc manner. There’s many more in there, and the author shares a neat approach to discover them yourself.
  • brr is a great collection of scenes from the Antarctic.
  • Earlier this week, Harshad shared a video that had been in my YouTube recommendations too, so I watched Email vs Capitalism, or, Why we can’t have nice things by Dylan Beattie. I knew some stuff covered in this talk, but I really enjoyed the style of presentation. I’m definitely going to find more talks by Dylan and watch them.
  • Fort Nine’s review of the Royal Enfield Scram 411 was a fun watch too!
  • The great Reddit migration has caused a flurry of activity on the Internet, I found to be a neat idea to find communities again. I’m sure there are other such listings too right now, and this one currently does not discriminate between NSFW/adult content and safe content, but I found this neat.
  • If you’re a fellow Site Reliability Engineer (or in a role that has a different title but similar duties), you might want to check the SRE Survey out!

That’s it for this week!